Time Management Tips for College Students

Develop Long Term Goals, Short Terms Goals, and be Reasonable
A proper time management strategy requires you to develop а clear statement of уоur long term goals. Developing a statement of your long term goals will allow you to periodically review if you are on the right track to complete your goals or if you need to change them. When you develop long term goals, you can also develop many short term goals to achieve them. Developing short term goals that lead to long term goals will make your time management strategy more achievable.

Time Management Tips for College Students

Make sure that your goals as a college student are realistic. It would be nice to work 20 hours a week, be president of an organization, and receive a 4.0 GPA but we should all realize our limitations and make goals that we know that we can complete. Realizing your expectations is not meant to shoot down your dreams but to allow for a reasonable lifestyle.

I have been working 20 hours a week in college for two and half years as well as doing activities that will make me a competitive applicant to medical school. Although I am close to realizing my long terms goals, I missed out on social relationships, exercise, and sleep. If I would have set my long term goals to have a reasonable lifestyle then I would have had better overall health and wellness. Only make your goals unreasonable if it is an absolute necessity such as working to pay for bills.

Be Selfish and Do What Works for You
I know that you are not used to people telling you that being selfish can be a good thing but in the case of time management it is. In college there are two types of people: those who have goals and those who are there to party and drop out. You should always surround yourself with people who have goals like you do and if that means having less friends then that may be what is best for you.

You will also need to know when to say no. If you have work to do or if an activity is not fitting in with your schedule then do not feel the need say yes just to please someone. Remember that you are in college to get an education and a job and to do that you will have to put yourself first.

Do what works for you. Although it is great to look up time management advice from sources such as my blog, change anything you want so that it works for you. If some of my time management advice is not giving you the results that you want then change it so that it works for you or combine information from different strategies to make your own.

Schedule and Prioritize
Scheduling and prioritizing events is іmроrtаnt fоr a college student. In college there are going to be so many assignment deadlines. Make sure that you write everything down and the dates that they are due. I can remember countess times when classmates did not write anything down and then complained that the professor should have mentioned the assignment more in class. Do not leave anything to chance. Write it down. You will thank yourself later.

Prioritize your assignments and do them a little bit at a time. Procrastination hurts so many college students because they end up trying to finish assignments in one night and end up getting bad grades. There are some people like my friend who knocks out 15 page papers in a night and gets an A but most of us are not like this. Take your time and do the assignment gradually.