Best Jobs for College Students


Internships are a way to make money in college while learning valuable skills that will help you when you leave college and join the workforce. You are essentially killing two birds with one stone. Internships are one of the best jobs for college students to have because your performance during the internships can lead to job offers and connections after employment. Many internships pay extremely well. Most science internships pay students $3000 to $5000 for ten weeks of work while covering your living and traveling expenses. Business internships pay even more and internships on Wall Street will pay students up to $20,000.

Working in the Department that you Major in

Before you leave campus to look for jobs, make sure that you check with your department that you are majoring in. Many departments offer work opportunities for students. The English departments at many universities hire tutors to help students with writing assignments. The same goes for science and math majors who can tutor students in difficult subject matter such as calculus and chemistry. Science majors will benefit the most from these opportunities because they can be paid to work in research labs and are most likely to do best in high risk courses that students need tutoring for.

Computer Repair or Information Technology (IT)

Have you always liked computers? Computer Repair and IT are considered some of the best jobs for college students. If you are an engineering or computer science major, work well with computers, or certifications then you should look into computer repair and Information Technology. These jobs are great because they pay well and provide you with experience and skills that will be very beneficial when you graduate and enter the job market. Also, many universities allow students to work for their IT department. Although you are paid an hourly wage by computer repair companies and IT departments you can fix students computers after hours for extra money. The ability to work at multiple places and make extra money from students makes computer repair and IT some of the best jobs for college students.

Best Jobs for College Students

Club and Product Promotion

Club and product promotion is another great way for students to make money in college. Usually club owners and advertisers are looking for attractive young women to promote their products. These jobs usually pay by the hour but your hours are not guaranteed and sometimes your pay depends on how many people you bring to certain events. If you are interested in promotion then you should contact club owners. Product promotion jobs can be found by contacting respective advertisers in your area or club owners as well. The only issue that may be of concern is that a lot of product promotion jobs involve serving alcohol and you will have to be 21. All of this things can improve you image, not only increase your pocket money.

Resident Assistant

The position of a resident assistant is one of the best jobs for college students because a lot of your hours will be spent relaxing at a desk. Most resident assistants work the front desks of residential halls and document the visitors that come in and out. You also help the residential manager resolve any problems in the dorms. Although you do have some duties the majority of your time is spent watching the front desk and this will give you plenty of time to study or do any work that you need to catch up on. Resident assistants are given huge discounts in room and board and are sometimes paid by the hour.