College and Beauty for Students

Make the Right First Impression: Why Dressing Well is Crucial to Success In College

I look back at my time in undergrad and think about the countless ways that I have evolved into the individual that I am today. Although many facets of my life such as my taste in music, work ethic, and religious views have evolved, the importance that I placed on dressing well has remained constant.

I didn’t want my professors to see me as the guy who walked into class wearing baggy clothes with my pants hanging exceedingly far below my ass or the slacker who wears a stained t shirt and pajama pants every single day.

College and Beauty for Students

Why I Wear Nice Clothes to Class

I always dressed in polo shirts and button ups because I knew that although people love to stress the importance of an individual’s personality, they always judged one another based on an outward appearance.

In fact, recent studies have found that employees that dress very well and are nicely groomed are more likely to be promoted over individuals with similar stats who dress worse.

What Professors will Think About You

Professors are just like any other group of individuals and will judge individuals based on the way that they dress.
At larger universities this can make a huge difference when you ask for a letter of recommendation because the way you dress and carry yourself may be one of the most memorable things about you.

At smaller universities the way you dress is important as well because the professors will notice your appearance every single day and will help determine how they treat you and can whether or not you receive a positive letter of recommendation.

Dress Well Around People Who Can Benefit You

I remember being told when I first came to Claflin University that your future employer could be walking around campus or doing a presentation so you should always look your best.

I took this advice seriously and dressed in slacks, a button up shirt, and tie every time a speaker came to campus. This would allow me to stand out from other students and help the speaker to remember me the next time I came in contact with them.

Dressing well when speakers come to present is crucial because I have received internships from networking with them. But don’t forget to study!