Secrets of Easy Earnings at College

Sell Vintage Stuff to Make Money in College

I recently went to the thrift store to look for ties for my upcoming interviews. While on my hunt, I found a regimental tie that was green, yellow, and blue striped. The tie was also 100% silk and made by the vintage designer Jack Krawcheck. I was able to buy this tie for $1.50 and at the time did not know anything about its true value. When I got home I decided to look it up online and found out that the tie was valued between $20 and $40. Even though I was going to use the tie for myself, I realized that finding vintage and antique items for cheap and selling them on the internet is a great way to make money in college.

Secrets of Easy Earnings at College

How to Find Vintage Items

Vintage items are a lot easier to find than you think. Thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and family members are great places to find vintage items. Thrift stores usually contain a lot of vintage items that people look over without knowing their true value. The shop owners and employees, especially at places like the Salvation Army usually have no idea what the items are worth. A thrift store allows you to buy vintage stuff at a cheap price and increase your profit margin when you decide to sell, for example, on ebay.

Flea markets are another great place to find vintage stuff. Flea markets may have higher prices than thrift stores because the people selling vintage items might know their true value. Although, some people know how much their items are worth, most of them will not. You are also able to negotiate for lower prices at a flea market.

At garage sales most people are trying to make quick money and get rid of items that they don’t want. Because of this, it is extremely easy to negotiate lower prices and many people do not know the true value of the items that they are selling.

The last and possibly the best place to find vintage items are from your own family members. Your grandparents probably have tons of clothes in their closet or in storage that they do not want. Tell them that you are starting a vintage clothing business and they may be willing to help you out by giving you things for free.

How to Sell Vintage Stuff

There are a few different ways to sell vintage stuff. You can sell them through an online marketplace like eBay or by building your own website. If you are just trying to make quick money then use eBay. If you were to build your own website, you wouldn’t have to worry about the fees that eBay charges but it would take a lot longer to make sales because you have to bring traffic to your website.

You could also sell vintage items to students on campus. College campuses contain a variety of students who would be interested in buying from you. Just advertise by posting on school bulletins or through word of mouth.

Selling vintage stuff is an easy way to make money in college because it requires little startup money and it is not difficult to sell vintage items on eBay or other online market places.