Top 5 Tips for College

Five Things that will Beef up Your College Resume

Keep it Simple

When i was studing at medical university i found a lot of things you need to know. Remember that your resume is not a term paper for your English class so keep it simple. Flowery use of words can send a sign to your potential employer that you are trying to compensate for a lack of meaningful activities by adding filler to your resume. Also, employers have thousands of applications to go through and they do not want to read a lot of meaningless information because it wastes their time.

For example, if you wanted an entry level sales position you would write your objective like this:

To utilize my skills most effectively in order to receive an entry level sales position at one of the top companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Leadership Positions

Leadership ability carries weight in both graduate school admissions and applying for employment. If you held a leadership position in an organization make sure that you include it on your resume. Just make sure that you are prepared to talk about what the position entailed while you are in your interview or you will make a complete fool out of yourself. If your organization did not do anything while you were in a position of leadership then save yourself the embarrassment and do not include the title on your resume.

Top 5 Tips for College

Internships and Previous Employment

Nothing beats experience. You might be one of the smartest students at your university and have a 3.9 G.P.A. but an employer will choose a student with a 3.2 G.P.A. over you if they have experience in the industry. Make sure that you intern as much as possible so that you can gain work experience in the industries that you are interested in.
An executive at McKesson Inc. was asked what G.P.A. they were looking for and he replied by saying a 3.0 G.P. A. or higher. That means that once you are over that threshold then you will need other activities to stand out from the crowd. Employment and internships will give you a leg up on your competition.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are always a plus. It would help to know how to use Microsoft Office extremely well because they will cut down on time it takes to complete your work. It would also be valuable to learn multiple programming languages or obtain networking certifications. As society advances students will have to learn how to effectively use technology to stay afloat in the evolving global marketplace.

A Second Language

Learning a second language will improve your resume tremendously. U.S. companies are rapidly expanding into other countries and will need employees to work in these new locations. For instance, if you learned Mandarin, you would be such a valuable asset to any company in the region because you would be able to help them sell products to 1.3 billion potential customers in China. Taking the time to learn a second language will be one of the best investments that you could make.