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Include Your Contact Information

Your Contact information for your college resume should include your name, preferably in bold. You should make sure to add your phone number and email address as well. Remember to use a business appropriate email address. Employers will not want to hire you if they see your resume. Use your .edu email address to be safe. Another thing that college students forget to include is two mailing addresses. The first one should be your college mailing address and the second is your permanent or home address. This will give potential employers more ways to get in touch with you.

Writing Resume For College - BetterInTheDark.net

Include Information About Your Education

A college resume should include your college or university that you attend and its location. This section of your resume should also include your major, grade point average (GPA) if it is above a 3.0, and classification. You should always put your information about your education towards the top of the page because you want to try to impress your potential employers with your GPA, field of study, and your university if you go to a prestigious one. Do not include your high school GPA unless you are a freshman. Many college resumes have high school information and it is pointless because employers do not care how you did in high school.

Include Relevant Activities

Make sure that your college resume includes activities that are relevant to the position that you are applying to. The typical categories that students include on college resumes are volunteerism, leadership and membership to organizations, employment, internships, computer proficiency, and being fluent in other languages. You should make sure that your resume fits the job that you are applying for by putting an emphasis on the activities that relate to the job. If you are applying for a volunteer position in the hospital, make sure that your volunteering activities and working with underserved people are toward the top of your college resume. Match your resume to the job to give yourself the best chance for employment. Include your positions held, dates of employment, employer, and tasks and responsibilities when describing a job. Your activities need to include the years of participation, duties, and any leadership roles attained.

Use Proper Wording and Grammar in Your College Resume

Use strong words that stand out and make you seem like a leader and team player. Examples of these words are directed, managed, teamwork, and executed. Also, make sure that you are using matching verb tenses and short descriptions. Full sentences are not necessary but make sure that punctuation is correct and consistent.

Organization of Your College Resume

Your resume can be organized many different ways, but this is the most common method.

Contact Information: You name, email, phone number, and mailing address.

Education: Colleges that you have attended, GPA, major, and classification.

Experience: Relevant experience and any experiences that make you stand out as an applicant.

Other skills: Computer skills and language skills or any other special skills relevant to the position that you are applying for.

References: Any past employers or professors who can attest to your abilities and attributes.

Other Important Tips for Writing a College Resume

Put the most important information at the top of the page.

Make your college resumea short as possible. One page is preferred and two pages is the maximum. Remember that potential employers have to go through a lot of applications so do not annoy them with too much information.

Use an easy to read font. It is best to go with 12 font Times New Roman.

Be consistent with your formatting such a bullets and margins.

Make sure your resume is pleasing to the eye.

Check your spelling and grammar. If your paper is full of errors then it will kill your application. Let your friends and family read your college resume so they checking for readability and errors.