Episode 04. Welcome To Our May, June and July 2007 Preview–Now With More Digressions!!!

bugOnce more with more enthusiasm than factual information–and with our ability to be foul mouthed restored–Tom and Derrick look at some genre movies that will be released through the middle of summer…. At least that’s what we’re supposed to do. In fact, we go off on a fistful of tangents. Join us as we give our feelings on the Don Imus situation, blast one film for its excessive violence before drooling over another due to its abundance of sexy young women, talk about how our DVD buying habits change, explain why Tom doesn’t want to see Pirates, tell stories about celebrities with funny voices, hear Derrick say ‘Yo, Dog,’ and go off on rants sure to piss off fans of Transformers. Plus Tom does imitations of Gilbert Gottfried and Keith Richards. Yeah, we know…but listen to it anyway…!

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