Episode 29. Welcome To BITD Studios: Our First Anniversary Fantasy Producing Program!

dsHard to believe, but it’s been a year since The Boys Outta Brooklyn took up the microphone in an effort to school the world on the joys of cinema…and they celebrate by reading a slew of listener mail, explain Tom’s literary dyslexia, recommend a load of podcasts for long commutes, and talk about the books and comics they’d make into movies if they ran their own production house. And yes…there’s gratuitous mentions of Kristen Bell and Dennis Quaid as well. So put on your party hats and noise makers and join the party by clicking away!

Discussed in this episode: Doc Savage, Chevy Chase, Burke, Andrew Voss, Lester Dent, Flash Gordon, Dancing Aztecs, Donald E. Westlake, Blackhawk, The Mongo Series, George C. Chesbro, Robert Mccammon, The Wolf’s Hour, Repairman Jack, Jack Ketchum, Evan Michael Tanner, Liev Schreiber, Married with Children, The Man Who Never Sleeps, Lawrence Block, Howard Chaykin, American Flagg!, Green Lantern

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