Episode 31. The Robot Genesis Blinks In The Pit of Mastered Ghosts: The Best of Doctor Who!

Weeping_AngelEarlier this year, The Boys Outta Brooklyn gave you an overview of the long running BBC series Doctor Who. Now, in the second part of this two-part episode, Tom and Derrick discuss their favorite episodes from both the original series and the Russell T. Davies revival! From the first Tom Baker serial Robot to what may very well be the single greatest hour of genre television the show has ever produced, Blink, we present a number of episodes that will get you up to snuff! Plus we focus a little on the amazing Phillip Hinchcliffe era, explain how hardcore Sarah Jane was, and meet the one woman who challenges Kristen Bell for Tom’s affection–the one and only Sally Sparrow! There’s an anomaly in the Timestream, so you know what to do–click right now!

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