Episode 35. The Twilight Joys of Vincent Price

drpThe Boys From Brooklyn share their love of one of the great horror actors of all time (not to mention actor, period) by looking at the seven films that comprise The MGM Screen Icon Set for Vincent Price! From the stultifying boredom that is Twice Told Tales to the sheer bleak hardcore genius of The Witchfinder General, Tom and Derrick discuss the last true horror films of Price’s career. Plus we give our props to the greatest theological serial killer of all time, Dr. Phibes–and try to find out what happened to his super-sexy assistant Virginia ‘Vulnavia’ North, show reverence towards the late British director Michael Reeves and review a film neither man knew existed prior to the release of this set. It’s a celebration of a true American talent–so click on, Macduff!

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