Episode 53. It’s Never Over! The Rise and Fall of John Rambo

rambo1In this episode, The Guys Outta Brooklyn take a look at one of the great cinematic icons of the 80’s, Sylvester Stallone, through one of his greatest characters, John Rambo. From the sheer good luck of First Blood being an action movie hit to the movement of the character into super-heroic territory and ultimate oblivion, Tom and Derrick will show how Rambo’s filmic odyssey reflected what Stallone himself went through, and how he needed to go through the leaner years of the 90’s to make the fiercer yet humbler Rambo. Plus Derrick talks about his brush with Richard Crenna, gratuitous Stallone impersonations, and even more gratuitous talk of G.I. Joe and the wacked-out martial arts non-classic Gymkata. You know it’s coming for you, so get to clicking!

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