Episode 65. Gilt Edged Bonds: Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies!

bgeIt’s time for the final leg of our tour through the Bond films with the first half of the tenure of Pierce Brosnan. The Boys Outta Brooklyn argue that the Brosnan films represented a hard reboot that predated the Craig reboot years later, and examine a great debut picture (GoldenEye) and a lousy, lousy follow-up (Tomorrow Never Dies). We also discuss how the loss of the lawsuit with MGM-UA affected how the Brosnan films were written and produced, the value of fresh directorial blood, and a flaw in “The Commentary Script.” Plus Tom likes Michelle Yeoh… a lot, the revelation of the Peckinpah-Bond connection, and Derrick talks about his nominee for worst Bond henchman. We are inwincable, so get to clicking!

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