Episode 70. Tom and Derrick Versus the Bulging Mailbag, the Posthumous Oscar, the Sweetie Man, Bruce Willis’ Wig, the Writer/Chauffeur, and the Demon-Plauged Co-Ed

district9It’s time for another Better in the Dark review episode, and Tom and Derrick use it as an excuse to clear out their backlog of listener mail. So in addition to reviewing such films as 2012, Pandorum, District 9, and Paranormal Activity, the Guys Outta Brooklyn tackle a number of movie-related issues. From mourning The Worldwide, to finding out who deserves the blame for Frank Miller thinking he can direct, to giving props to Roger Corman, it’s a cavalcade of conversation! Plus, we welcome a new member of the BITD Family! It’s better than taking a Food Emporium Salad Bar Lunch to the Film Forum, so get to clicking!

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