Episode 77. The Rivals of Bond are In Like Flint!

cvr_flintIn their effort to present the most comprehensive coverage of 1960s spy culture, Tom and Derrick begin their examination of some of the spies who gave Bond a run for his money, beginning with the cerebral, eccentric, and suave Derek Flint. Join the Boys From Brooklyn as they look at the adventures of the renaissance man that James Coburn turned into a cult hero, tracing his adventures from Our Man Flint to In Like Flint to the highly obscure, near-forgotten (and with good reason) Flint television pilot, Our Man Flint: Dead on Target. Plus a preview of other episodes in the Rivals of Bond series, Derrick wants Yvonne Craig to shake her money-maker, and a look at the two Flint movies (one written by Harlan Ellison) that never got to the screen. Wipe that look off your Zowie Face and get to clicking!

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