Episode 78. Fair Samson Strutter’s Potato Head Treatment

hotpotato2Spring is in the air, and you know what that means: it’s time for the annual tradition where the Guys Outta Brooklyn dig into their vaults and pull out a six-pack of little-seen and forgotten films for their Obscure Movie Episode! 2010’s batch includes the sequel to Black Belt Jones most people swear doesn’t exit, the sequel many Rocky Horror Picture Show fans wish didn’t exist, the only place where you can see the wife of John Denver being turned into a human hood ornament, and an absolutely insane blaxploitation comedy where a female motorcycle gang faces off against a Colonel Sanders look-alike plotting to take over Watts! Plus, Tom and Derrick pay tribute to Falco, and we address a letter about That Episode. Don’t be a dead end, deadbeat, downbeat Mister, get to clicking!

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