Episode 84. Gilt Edged Bonds Conclusion: Casino Royale and Quantum of Boredo… Solace! We Mean Solace!

Quantum-of-Solace-1458The journey the Boys Outta Brooklyn started back in Episode 34, a tiny bit over two years ago, is finally completed as Tom and Derrick discuss the first – and maybe last – two films of The Reign of Craig. They examine how Bond was re-imagined for the 21st century, and how the unconventional choice of Daniel Craig fit the remit for change. They really like one film, hate the other one, and then talk about the present situation with MGM and what it bodes for the world’s longest-running movie franchise. All this, plus a little disagreement on the hotness of Karen Gillan, a major announcement, and the revelation of what the letters in QUANTUM stand for. It’s a six-head’s worth of fun, so get to clicking!

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