Episode 89. Reversing the Neutron Flow, Part Three: Goodbye, David! Hello, Crisp – uh, Matt

10to11In episodes 28 and 31, Tom and Derrick celebrated the anniversary of one of their favorite television series: Doctor Who. Since then, enough changes have occurred that The Boys Outta of Brooklyn have enlisted the aid of Views from the Longbox semi-lackey / co-host (and perpetual Tom nemesis) Shag to provide an overview of the end of the Tennant era and the inaugural season of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith! The trio discusses – and sometimes argues over – such subjects as the magnificence of Donna, Rose vs. Amy, the identity of The Dream Lord, the value of Russell T. Davies’ Whedon-ization of the series, the Skittles Daleks, and other juicy topics. Plus, what is The Carey Mulligan Road? What is The Caruso Box, and why is Christopher Eccleston stuck in it? What if Brian Cox and Dougray Scott owned a bar together? Podcasts with bowties are cool, so get to clicking!

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