Episode 90. Who Can Shank the Strange Corruption of the Grim Prairie Sauna

grim-prairie-tales-movie-poster-1990-1020210713It’s time for this year’s iteration of a Better in the Dark tradition, as Tom and Derrick once again provide you with suggestions for Obscure Horror Films to light up your Halloween festivities. This year, however, they welcome the Patriarch of the First Family of BITD (and host of Dread Media), Desmond Reddick, to join in. The results are an international six pack of horror flicks ranging from the Finish period piece Sauna to the New Zealand (pretending to be Nebraska) should’ve-been-a-period-piece Strange Behavior to the Spanish chiller Who Could Kill a Child. Plus zombie chickens! Tom Cruise sitting around in his underwear! The world’s most un-scary home invaders! Everything goes better with monkeys, so get to clicking!

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