Episode 94. The Star Trek Experience, Part Two: Better in the Dark Boldly Goes to on TV!

startrekcaptainstvposter001Our exploration of one of the most influential science fiction franchises of all continues! To help provide a survey of the television series that launched an international geek community, Tom and Derrick welcome our board-master Erik Fromme to participate in a wide-ranging discussion. A discussion so ranging we can’t finish it! We go from the original series to The Next Generation to the staff of Deep Space Nine, and find so much to talk about we have to pick it up in a later episode! Plus, Jean-Luc Picard: Oakland Raider? Beverly Crusher: Worst Doctor Ever? Torres: Queen of the Klingon Low Riders? And why Sisko is the greatest captain ever! There’s a case of blood wine to be a’drinkin, so get to clicking!

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