Episode 96. Rivals of Bond: Modesty Blaise

modesty-blaise-DSCN3492The Boys Outta Brooklyn resume their survey of the people who wanted to give James Bond a run for the money by looking at the tragic case of the ultimate femme fatale: Peter O’Donnell’s Modesty Blaise! We’ll see how O’Donnell created this unique adventress and her knife-flinging sidekick, and how the character has been mistreated by the media. From the truly wretched “camp version” (a version Tom proclaims one of the worst films he ever saw) to the television pilot so obscure neither Tom nor Derrick have seen it to the Tarantino-produced “origin story,” Modesty’s history is thoroughly covered. Plus several suggestion for who could play the character instead of Monica Vitti. It’s a stunner, so get to clicking!

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