Episode 97. Crash and Burn: How Some of Television’s Hottest Shows Fell From Grace

mainWay back in episode 10, Tom expressed his extreme distaste for the show Heroes, and now the Boys Outta Brooklyn take the show’s ignoble demise to examine a number of shows that were overnight sensations, then overnight failures. From Moonlighting to Twin Peaks, Millennium to even Heroes, Tom and Derrick discuss the various reasons why these televisual sensations died out so quickly. Plus the Crazy Babysitter Twins script gets a villain, the Searcher searches, and why the Black Widow sounds like an American. There’s a moon over Parma, so get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: Moonlighting, Heroes, Drew Carey Show, Twin Peaks, Millennium, X-Files, Chris Carter, Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd, Chuck, Lie to Me, The Lone Gunmen, Hawaii Five-O, Brett Butler, Diedrich Bader, 30 Rock, Leah Remini, Drive, Ally McBeal, David E. Kelley, The Bugs Bunny Line, The Scott Lobdell Effect, Desperate Housewives, David Lynch, Pushing Daisies, Vampire Diaries, Kristin Chenoweth, Doctor Who, Shippers, Human Target, Mogan and Wong, Lonestar

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