Episode 99. Twin Pistols and Super Science: Pulp Heroes in the Movies (Guest: Ron Fortier)

ROCKETEERTo – well, “celebrate” seems an inappropriate word – the release of the new Green Hornet film, The Boys Outta Brooklyn welcome noted pulp authority (and writer for some Green Hornet comics in the 1990), Ron Fortier to examine movies featuring pulp heroes in a high-energy, high-spirited conversation! Join Tom, Derrick, and Ron as they examine The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Rocketeer, and other great films featuring hot girls, cold steel, and high adventure! Plus, the trio discuss their expectations – or lack thereof – regarding the big screen Michel Gondry / Seth Rogen adaptation! The weed of crime bears better fruit, so get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: Clive Cussler, Secret Six, Agent Aloysius Pendergast, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Republic, Columbia, Serials, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, Indiana Jones, Spy Smasher, The Phantom, Jim Steranko, Lee Falk, The Shadow, Jerry Goldsmith, Hammer, Kane Richmond, Doc Savage, Lester Dent, Modesty Blaise, Sam Raimi, The Avenger, The Rocketeer, Street and Smith, Joe Johnston, Captain America, Brian Azzarello, Darkman, Blackhawk, Dillon, Walter Gibson, Nicholas Cage, Mission Impossible, The Green Hornet, Beowulf

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