Episode 101. Tom and Derrick versus the Handome Gunsmith, the Pig-Toting Assassin, the Guy with the Perpetual Battery, the Mismatched Family, the Vengeful Driver, and Gene Simmons…No, Wait, That’s Just Cher!

helen-mirren-redAfter our 100th episode celebratory vacation, The Boys Outta Brooklyn kick back and try to catch up on all the stuff that’s accrued. Join Tom and Derrick as they answer a bunch of viewer mail, and review a number of films they saw in the waning days of 2010. From the George Clooney is-it-a-spy-thriller The American to the painful romcom You Again? to the geriatric spy caper Red, they cover a number of gems and not-so-gems. Plus, comic writers the boys like! You don’t want to be knocked out, so get to clicking!

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