Episode 103. BITD Autopsy on… The Human Target

human_target_ver2_xlgLast year The Human Target was the favorite new show of The Boys Outta Brooklyn, now they can hardy stand to look at it. So, to usher in their new segment, Tom and Derrick go in depth to dissect and discuss the Mark Valley “hour-long action movie every week,” and try to figure out what went wrong. Join them as they reveal how a new show runner took everything unique and good about the adventures of Christopher Chance, Winston, and Guerro and turned it into just another generic TV show. Plus, Charlie Sheen inspires a talk about the state of the American sitcom, why the world would be a better place with more Nicole Sullivan in it, and the guys play fantasy booker and plot out what they’d do if they were the show runners for Season Three. You don’t wanna know, dude, so get to clicking!

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