Episode 104. Rivals of Bond: Dr. Goldfoot and Diabolik

rbddThe Boys Outta Brooklyn return to their survey of the people who tried to give 007 a run for his money with not one, but two spy series connected by the participation of a great, great man: Mr. Mario Bava. First they’ll examine a pair of films featuring a peculiar, robot-making mad scientist played by Vincent Price as he menaces a pair of former teen idols. Then Tom and Derrick will talk about the wild adaptation of a French comic book featuring John Philip Law’s eyebrows and what may very well be the single hottest woman in the history of cinema. Plus, the Boys read listener mail, try to figure out why evil masterminds always want Australia when they outsource, and how we would change the Super Bowl halftime show! It’ll explode with a kiss, so get to clicking!

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