Episode 105. Tom and Derrick Versus the Alien-Fighting Marines, the Smart Drug, the Eight-Minute Alternate Timeline, Natalie Portman’s Bow, the Douche with the Gas Gun, and the Dissociative Stripper… or Is She a Ballerina?

bsAfter a brief hiatus, The Boys Outta Brooklyn are back with a massive review episode! Tom and Derrick cover eight films, including the final word on The Green Hornet, Limitless, Frankie and Alice, Unknown, and The Life of Death (our first screener). Plus listener mail, why Kevin Smith needs to buck up, we pay our respects to Liz Taylor and Sidney Lumet, Derrick rethinks his “no Natalie Portman” rule, and a revival of the most divisive argument from the Gilt-Edged Bonds series. You know it’s going to be funny ha-ha as opposed to funny weird, so get to clicking!

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