Episode 108. Spanish Leather and American Blood: The Mytic West of Sergio Leone

slThe Guys Outta Brooklyn continue to celebrate great, great men in 2011 by turning their sights on an Italian director who wanted to express his frustration with the American Western, and ended up revolutionizing cinema worldwide! Join Tom and Derrick as they discuss the all-too-small body of work of Sergio Leone, from The Dollars Trilogy to his handful of uncredited turns behind the typewriter and camera to his grand crime epic Once Upon a Time in America. The guys also spend some time discussing the other great filmmaker of the modern Western: Sam Peckinpah. They also talk about how Leone taking a chance on the television actor Clint Eastwood was integral to his success, and answer listener mail about anime and whether certain superheroes are inherently ludicrous. You can make fun of our mule… or you can get to clicking!

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