Episode 109. Hail to the Chin! A Bruce Campbell Celebration

bruce_campbell_desktop_wallpaper-HDThe Summer of Great, Great Men begins here! Join Tom and Derrick as they spend the next three months celebrating some of the great, great men they admire, starting with a freewheeling discussion about a man like no other (and a man who shares the same birthday as Tom… look, it was either Bruce or Uwe Boell, so shut up!), the Chin himself! The Guys Outta Brooklyn discuss Bruce Campbell’s entire career, dissecting all of his hits on the big and small screens, and try to explain why Campbell deserves to be revered as a true genre movie icon. Plus Tom and Derrick discuss their recent travels to such places as Pulp Ark and Larry Fine’s Birthplace, somehow end up in a digression where they sing the praises of Doctor Who’s Rory, and manage to sing from memory the theme song for Jack of All Trades! It’s groovy, baby, so get to clicking!

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