Episode 114. BITD Autopsy on DC Live Projects

Green-Lantern-movie1The scalpels are out, the body is on the table, and it’s time for The Boys Outta Brooklyn to figure out why another media body is on the slab! Join Tom and Derrick as they examine the failure of DC Comics and Warner Brothers to rise to the challenge Marvel has been making towards them for the last few years, and why their bids to create a new franchise – from this summer’s generic Green Lantern to the rather wrongheaded attempt to recast Wonder Woman as the heroine of a David E. Kelley action comedy to proposed movies with The Flash (it’s Se7en crossed with CSI) and Hawkman – have met with lukewarm response at best. Plus, Muppets in the boardroom, the question of whether X-ray vision can be used to stalk, and why the Ultimate Universe is like an appendix. You don’t want Elizabeth Hurley calling you a big-boobed action figure, so get to clicking!

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