Episode 117. His Word and Who He Gave It To: A Celebration of Sam Peckinpah

600full-pat-garrett-&-billy-the-kid-posterThroughout their broadcast history, Derrick and Thomas have made reference to a particular director they revere as one of the greatest of Great, Great Men. And now they’ve finally gotten around to devoting an entire episode to the man who embodied the esthetic of the outsider, a man who felt at home in times of trouble and strife, the man for who the phrase “Man’s Director” was coined: Sam Peckinpah. Join the Guys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss the career of one of their favorite filmmakers, his turbulent life, and speculate on how he would thrive in a later era of Hollywood. Plus, why Tom feels The Grifters is not true to the Jim Thompson book, Derrick goes off on a rant concerning the state of screenwriting today, and what episode wouldn’t be complete without impromptu singing? You know you want to leave your house — and your ears — justified, so get to clicking!

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