Episode 123. Watercolor with Blood and Bullets: The Career of Kathryn Bigelow

med_scene_kathrynbigelow-jpg-500x500The Boys From Brooklyn are back to induct the first woman into their Hall of Great, Great Men as they celebrate the artistic-yet-genre career of Kathryn Bigelow. Join Tom and Derrick as they examine her whole ouvre, from the existential biker film The Loveless to the cowboy / vampire thriller Near Dark to her Academy Award-winning war flick The Hurt Locker. Along the way they examine the televisual train wreck that was Wild Palms, discuss the impact her original career as a painter had on her moviemaking, and debate whether she’s hotter than Linda Hamilton! All this plus the problems of basing your films on current events, what do you do when Juliette Lewis and / or Illeana Douglas asks you if you want to hit it, spokespeople for Jewish Hotness, and gratuitous Martin Scorsese! You know, Kathryn doesn’t look all that pleased with you, so get to clicking!

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