Episode 125. The Black Return of the Smiley Ganja Bug Guy

return of captain invincible magnum vhs adreturnofcaptaininvincible1It’s the winter of 2012, and all around the world Better in the Dark fans know what time it is: Obscure Movie Time! Once more, the Boys Outta Brooklyn dig into the apocrypha of motion picture history to present you with a six-pack of filmic goodies! Among this year’s offerings are the African-American vampire oddity Ganja & Hess, the Anna Faris stoner comedy Smiley Face, the unlikely London-set romcom / musical theater spoof The Tall Guy, and the film a lot of BITD fans demanded, the demented superhero musical comedy featuring Christopher Lee: The Return of Captain Invincible! Plus, Richard Belzer infects Tom’s novel, Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis creep out Patricia, and Derrick doesn’t want to go to the same movie with a different name. If you don’t name your poison, we’ll have to call the boys in, so get to clicking!

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