Episode 130.5 Upfronting with Lucy, Krysten, and You

bitd130p5photo22In this fun-sized Point Five Episode, Derrick and Tom look at some of the stories that emerged from The Upfronts for the coming 2012 season. Join The Guys Outta Brooklyn as they discuss the renewal of Community in light of its show runner’s firing, the persistence of period set dramas, broadcast networks trying to be cable channels by having Krysten Ritter parade around naked, and CBS’s caginess around their announcement of Elementary! Sure, some of it is an excuse to use a photo of Lucy Liu in her underwear and Krysten Ritter giving the fish face as the podcast art, but give us a break and get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: Upfront, Arrested Development, The Monkey from the Hang Over, Community, Revolution, The Human Target, Firefly, Harry’s Law, Smash, Glee, Dollhouse, Madmen, Crime Story, Elementary, Awake, MASH, Vegas, Magic City, Pan Am, Game of Thrones, CSI, NCIS, House, Sherlock, Jon Cryer, Battleship, Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, Rules of Engagment

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