Episode 132. Die, Indie, Die! The Changing Face of Independent Cinema

superThe Boys Outta Brooklyn wander off the mainstream reservation as they take a look at the way indie cinema has transformed into a minor league for the big studios. Tom and Derrick examine how the recent switch to digital projection, Sundance, and other factors have transformed the face of this filmic tradition. Plus, Derrick is reduced to helpless laughter when he learns one of Tom’s nicknames, far too much talk about 90s alt-rock and comics, the revelation of where the indie spirit really lives, and a challenge to both the readers and the hosts! You don’t want Robert Redford making money off of you, so get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: Clerks, Eating Raoul, Ellen Page, Jennifer Aniston, Christopher Nolan, Steven Soderbergh, Super, Peep World

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