Episode 134. BITD Watches Fox!

article-2267819-1724F2A4000005DC-240_634x541It’s the 25th Anniversary of the Fox television network, and Tom and Derrick celebrate by gleefully unearthing some of the shows and events the first “netlet” neglected to mention when it threw itself a birthday party! Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as they toast the hotness of Alison LaPlaca and Melanie Chartoff, defend Morgan and Wong from the tongue-lashing of Chris Carter, commemorate the first cross-network crossover, and otherwise poke the sleeping memory of the nation’s fourth broadcast network to dislodge some stuff it might not want to remember. You know we control the universe, so get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: 21 Jump Street, Married with Children, Pig Pen, Tracy Ullman Show, Richard Jeni, Platypus Man, Universal Network, Star Trek Voyager, She Wolf of London, One Froggy Evening, Duet, America’s Most Wanted, King of the Hill, Adventures of Beans Baxter, Werewolf, Savage Steve Holland, Open House, Women in Prison, Herman’s Head, Flying Blind, Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Room at the Top, Harsh Realm, Space Above and Beyond, Chris Carter, The Others, The Swan, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire, COPS, Modern Family, Melrose Place, X-Files, VR-5, Sliders, M.A.N.T.I.S., Mantis, Point Pleasant, Clerks The Animated Series, Strange Luck, Generation X, Doctor Who, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, David E. Kelley, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, Paul McGann, Ed O’Neill, Joss Whedon, Matt LeBlanc, Beverly Hills 90210, The Lone Gunmen, Millennium

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