Episode 141. Better in the Dark Get Reel-y Real!

The-Greatest-Movie-Ever-Sold-Morgan-Spurlock3In this episode, Derrick and Tom go out of their comfort zone to discuss the rather large world of documentaries. Join the Boys Outta Brooklyn as the talk about some of their favorite docs, examine the way the genre has transformed and become more entertaining that some fiction films, and celebrate some of the best documentarians out there! Plus, lots of talk about an election that has since passed, and a reference to a forthcoming episode that’s already aired! You know, Troy Duffy thinks this show is unfair, so get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: Troy Duffy, Overnight, Black Power Mix Tape, Still Bill, Best Worst Movie, 30 for 30, Morgan Spurlock, Michael Moore, Wild World of Sports, Not Quite Hollywood, Errol Morris, Hypno Toad.

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