Episode 147. BITD Autopsy on NBC

NbC-prod1986In light of the National Broadcasting Corporation’s coming in fifth place behind Telemundo, Tom and Derrick once again take their scalpels out to try and figure out why one of the major networks is in a downward spiral! The Boys Outta Brooklyn examine how such incidents as the Conan O’Brien / Jay Leno conflagration, the revolving show runner messes, and the decision to dumb down the network as a whole resulted in the former home of Must See TV spiraling out of control! Plus, Tom sings “Late Night Pie,” Derrick defends Celebrity Apprentice, and vampires with light bulbs! You know you don’t want a TV show at 2:30 AM, so get to clicking!

Discussed in this episode: Hannibal, Smash, Jay Leno, Telenovela, Mad About You, Conan, Friends, Heroes, Aisha Tyler, Law & Order, Profiler, TV Crossovers, Journeyman, Awake, Revolution, Community, Friday Night Lights, Chuck, The Following, Whitney, Chelsea Handler, The Tonight Show, Late Shift, Jimmy Kimel, Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Up All Night, Christina Applegate, Ready for Love, Grimm, Fashion Star, The Sing Off, The Surreal Life, Homicide, The Voice, Last Call, Bob Costas, The New Normal, Chicago Fire, 1600 Penn, The Office, The Mindy Project, Celebrity Apprentice, Crossbones, Dracula, Save Me

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