Episode 148. Gilt Edged Bonds – Skyfall (Guest: Russ Anderson)

SKYFALL_OneSheet_IMAX_Print-12The new James Bond film, Skyfall, hit the theaters last year, which means a new edition of Gilt-Edged Bonds (ironically also recorded last year). Join Tom and Derrick as they welcome Russ “I liked Quantum of Boredom” Anderson to dissect the Bond Rubber Match for Daniel Craig. Does this new entry prove that the Reign of Craig shakes with awesomeness or is stirred with suckitude? Why is the pet name The Boys Outta Brooklyn have for his second film inaccurate? How does this Bond stack up against the classic versions of the show? You know you don’t want to waste good scotch, so get to clicking (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

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