Episode 152. Upstream Video – Navigating Netflix Streaming (Guest: Adam Orchekowski)

kids-in-the-hall-brain-candy-originalNetflix streaming may be the greatest thing to happen to movie fans since VHS, but there’s so much to see that The Boys Outta Brooklyn enlisted the aid of that Instant Depths videonaut Adam Orchekowski to help our listeners discover the gems hidden within that service. Along the way, the trio celebrate The Kids in the Hall, Tim Roth, The Apple, DC Animation, and so much more! It’s an hour-plus of great film conversation you don’t want to miss. You know you don’t want to become a chicken, so get to clickin (and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @BITDShow)!

Discussed in this episode: Beastmaster, Timecrimes, Behind the Mask, Blind Fury, Life Force, 30 for 30, Samurai Jack, Superman Vs the Elite, Little Britain, Tom Baker, Kuffs, King of the Hill, Office Space, House of Cards, Justice League DOOM, Trailer Park Boys, Kids in the Hall, Brain Candy, The Following, Monk, Lie to Me, The Apple, The Price of Milk, Genndy Tartakovsky, instantwatcher.com

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