Karen Gillan

Tall, super-leggy and with an accent to die for, this redheaded Scott is one of the many hotties brought to us through Doctor Who. But what may make her so hot is what’s in her head. Intelligent, humorous, personable, this girl shines whether in the acting choices she makes or the answers she gives to interviewers. And she’s got a bit of the geek in her; look at how she pitched to be a part of Community’s Who manque, Inspector Space-Time. Sure it might suck to be buffeted throughout space and time, in eternal danger….but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if this gal’s waiting for you at the end of every adventure….



3 Responses to Karen Gillan

  1. seancriley says:

    The top left image is not Karen Gillan. That’s Erick Henrickson: http://www.listal.com/erica-henrickson/pictures


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