Rhona Mitra

Another woman who has settled into her role as a Hot Woman Who Kicks Ass well, Rhona would go down in babe history for one act alone–namely, acting as the physical model for gaming goddess Lara Croft. But Mitra, from her posh accent to her long lean body to the spray of freckles that gives her a slightly girlish look, has proven time and again that she has The Goods. Whether coming on as Snake Plissken’s ex-wife in Neil Marshall’s 70’s sci-fi-action pastiche DOOMSDAY or stealing the leather jumpsuit from the utterly generic Kate Beckensale and showing her for the posuer she is in UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, Rhona has become an action icon in her own right….and if she gets passed over again for some flavor of the week hottie when TOMB RAIDER reboots….God have mercy on us all.

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